Project Description

Project Details:

EGA & CMID provides a variety of services including energy management, energy procurement, building system optimization, building automation systems, and owner’s representations for the following clients:

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Implemented optimizing software for HVAC and utility system in the Vivarium system.

Embassy Suites

Optimized the software for HVAC and utility systems to reduce the energy consumption by 25%.

Old National Bank

Engineered improvements in several Building Automation Systems (BAS) to major HVAC equipment.

IU Health

Implemented optimizing software for HVAC and utility systems and engineered improvements in BAS.

Conrad Hotel

CMID provided engineering and software optimization services and reduced energy consumption by 35%.

Indianapolis Airport Authority

CMID performed a study for the Energy Reduction Facility Operation Improvement of their facilities.

Citizens Thermal

CMID worked with Citizens Thermal to develop proposal for several key Citizens customers.

City of Indianapolis

Acted as Owner’s Representative and Energy Advisor.  While working for the City of Indianapolis, CMID performed an energy reduction study and provided project management services at the Indiana Theater Building. The analysis also included an energy manager/program management of upgrade of 70 buildings.

Hamilton Exhibits

CMID performed a facility diagnostic study and offered improvement initiatives for the facility.

Indiana University Innovation Center

CMID provided operations consulting and energy improvements for the emerging technology center.  These upgrades reduced energy consumption by 42%.

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

CMID assisted the ISO with energy improvements and capital project management.  The upgrades reduced by 30%.

Kite Realty, LLC

CMID reviewed existing building condition and recommended HVAC and energy improvements.   Capitol project management for equipment upgrades was also provided.