Project Description

Project Details:

Late in 2013, Indiana University Health engaged CMID to examine optimization opportunities at the newly-built Neuroscience Center of Excellence (NCOE). Opened in 2012, the IU Health NCOE building is a gold-certified LEED facility, with six floors and 270,000 square feet of outpatient care, research/clinical imaging, mixed-use office, and lecture/conference space. The building features seven rooftop air handling units (AHUs), district chilled water, electric reheat, and a Trane Tracer Summit Building Automation System (BAS). CMID began by benchmarking the facility’s first-year energy costs, and then proceeded to implement a series of gradual improvements.

When comparing the energy cost and consumption data since CMID has been implementing controls at the building through December 2015, it can be observed that:

• The Energy Intensity of the building, as measured in kBTU/SF/YR was estimated at 165 for the year 2013. Since work has begun, the intensity factor has continued to drop, down to 103 for 2015, an overall 37% reduction.

• Actual annual energy cost was reduced from $1,043,475 ($3.86/sf) in 2013 to $857,777 ($3.18/sf) in 2014, a reduction of 18%, equating to savings of $185,698.

• Continual improvements are being observed this year; 2015 final costs were down to $715,836, an additional $142,000 savings over 2014, and over $325,000 less than the 2013 benchmark year.

• In 2014, IU Health saved $6.59 for every dollar it paid to CMID. For 2015, the additional controls progress returned savings of $3.82 for every dollar to CMID.

Work at the NCOE continues; CMID is working to resolve AHU air flow balances with corrected metering stations, as well as improvements to the building exhaust systems, further tuning to the single AHU operations, and further system improvements in discussion with IU Health.